Edward’s Gardens, Toronto Botanical Garden

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MAY 2010

Toronto Botanical Garden sprouts 30-foot-tall sculpture by Ron Baird
National Post Published: Thursday, April 29, 2010
Gardens and sculptures go together like roses and weddings. One such beautiful union can be seen at the Toronto Botanical entrance gardens. (Itself a gorgeous work of art; it was created by Dutch designer Piet Oudolf.)
The must-see 30-foot-tall sculpture by artist Ron Baird is made of stainless steel and was unveiled yesterday.
One of Canada’s most successful sculptors, Mr. Baird has completed more than 150 public, corporate and private commissions across Canada. In Ontario. His work has imaginative elements that move in the wind, are light-responsive or make sounds – fancy that.
To “experience” the new sculpture, visit the Toronto Botanical Garden adjacent to Edwards Gardens.