In a sense, all of his hundreds of public commissions are awards, the result of national and international competitions. He has executed more public commissions than any other Canadian artist in history.

“What I appreciate about Ron’s tall kinetic sculptures are their scale, their materiality and how they make us aware of context. The size and height of the structures are such that when we approach them we are looking up at them and so the background against which we read or interpret them is the sky. As the sky or weather constantly changes, movement of the sun casts shadow, differing cloud cover alters colour and the winds bring motion and sounds. This constant change is reflected back to us through the lens of the materials used and the motion of the sculpture. Thus, by engaging with his work, we are made more aware of our surroundings – our context.”
~ Sean Purcell, Independent Architecture & Planning Professional, Bremen Area, Germany

A few of his many awards:

  • Royal Architectural Society of Canada Allied Arts Award
  • The Ontario of Architects Allied Arts Award – twice.
  • Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts Medal
  • Royal Canadian Academy Purchase Award
  • Robert McLaughlin Gallery Juried Exhibition Winner
  • Several ‘Best of Show’ prizes for his prints and sculptures.
  • Massey Medal for Architecture – Oakville Public Library & Art Gallery
  • Mount Pleasant Village Park, Brampton, – Urban Design Award
  • 2013 International Making Cities Livable Award
  • Canada 150 Outstanding Citizen Award (Federal Govt.) 2017